About Full Plate

Our goal is to bring awareness to and document the diversity and contribution of our local agriculture expressed through the arts. Throughout 2017 from Yahk to Riondel we helped bring together growers and producers with artists from many media, with the resulting collaboration shared through a variety of media, social media, venues, events and local publications.

A FULL PLATE was the name chosen to acknowledge the bounty and diversity of food culture that we enjoy throughout our region. Bringing the arts and agriculture together is an opportunity to reveal our stories and make new connections especially with the growing interest in food security.

The Full Plate Organizing Committee

Brenda Brucker, Maureen Cameron, Audrey Orosz, Joanna Wilson, Lou Knafla (Museum Rep), Frank Goodsir, Carmen Ditzler, Richard Murray, Brenna Murray.

Full Plate

Vision of FullPlate.ca

To celebrate Canada 150, from Yahk to Riondel, A Full Plate will create the opportunity for agriculture and the arts to come together to celebrate the diverse cultures, geographies, ages and lifestyles of our region. This project will bring full season awareness about how food is produced.


Over the course of 2017, A Full Plate celebrated being Canadian by encouraging artists and food producers to collaborate, create, nurture and spark projects and events that bring awareness to food and agriculture.


Initial Project Setup

Organize Volunteers to help promote and aggregate Agriculture and artistic treasures of the Creston Valley

Online Presence

Create a website and social media presence to act as a home base for events and ideas.


Providing promotional support through networking and advertising.

Activities & Venues

Creating spaces where people can contribute and connect across regional and cultural diversity.


The end of 2017 marks the end of Canada's 150th, but agriculture and art continue to thrive.

2018 Upcoming events

A FULL PLATE Canada 150

What inspires you as an artist in any medium, or a food sector producer/grower as you check out these panels to tell a story about Life as a Canadian here in Creston..memories, family stories, experiences as a grower, the beauty, diversity, abundance, challenges? Contact Us if you have an idea, if you want to work with an artist or a grower to tell your story. Full Plate is a year long project to celebrate and bring awareness to our Food and Culture sector. Thanks to Tammy Bradford of the Creston Museum for putting these together.

Art Meets Agriculture at the Creston Museum

We're a museum that reflects the history of local agriculture.

Volunteer or Promote your event.

There are many ways you can help.


Call For Entries

These events need you to participate

Mothers Day Market in Crawford Bay

Our Food Action Coalition Board Member Nicole Schriber, who coordinates Food Roots in Crawford Bay, is working hard on building connections throughout Creston Valley and Kootenay Lake.

We are piloting a joint initiative this year with the Farmers' Market and Food Roots to host a pop-up Farmers' Market up in Crawford Bay!

Specifically, they are looking for artisan vendors from Wynndel to Crawford Bay, and any food and farm vendors from the Creston Valley.

Nicole is handling all the vendor registration and payment for the event, so contact her directly if you want to be involved - eastshorefood@gmail.com or 250-227-9111.

Opportunities & Networking

Have a skill? Have an Idea?

Call for short VIDEOS for A Full PLATE Canada 150 YouTube Channel.

Reflecting on or depicting any aspect of the agriculture/food sector in the Creston Valley from Yahk to Riondel: Farm, Orchard, Market Gardening, Family Stories. Seasons, Art films, This can be footage you already have taken or something you are interested in doing to bring awareness to our local Agri-Culture. Share your passion and stories. Click Here For More Info.: info@fullplate.ca



Farmers Market

We are very pleased to announce that the BC Association of Farmers' Markets has given two amazing awards to our Farmer's Market! The Market has been named 2016 Market of the Year for medium-sized markets, and Jen Comer has been awarded Market Manager of the Year!

Congratulations and many thanks to Jen! Our market is a wonderful place to shop local and contributes a huge amount to our local economy and culture, in great part because of her wonderful work and energy! Thank you to the supporters and vendors too!

Our Partners

Creston Community Arts Council Fields Forward
Full Plate

This initiative is made possible by the Community Fund for Canada's 150th, a collaboration between A Full Plate, the Government of Canada, and extraordinary leaders from coast to coast to coast.

Cette initiative est rendue possible gràce au Fonds communautaire pour le 150e anniversaire du Canada, qui est une collaboration entre A Full Plate, les fondations communautaires canadiennes, le gouvernement du Canada et des leaders extraordinaires de l'Atlantique au Pacifique à l'Arctique.

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