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Michael Becker comes to Creston

to work with teachers and educators from across the Kootenays, the Okanagan and Calgary. April 8 & 9 Michael Becker came to Creston to work with teachers and educators from across the Kootenays, the Okanagan and Calgary. With support from the Lower Kootenay Band, Area B and Columbia Basin Environmental Educators Network, 35 teachers and educators gathered at Yaqan Nukiy Elementary School to learn skills and tools for integrating more food based education into their classroom. Supporting a systems approach to learning and living, Michael Becker encouraged participants to give their students more autonomy in the classroom and in their learning, "Let them guide where they want to go". Some of the key takeaways included - Care of Earth, Care of People, Intelligent Redistribution - how do we observe and understand relationships and diversity in our homes, lives, work and gardens? Michael left the group very inspired and keen to take action in our region. With thanks to the Lower Kootenay Band for supporting this event by providing access to their community hall and school. For more information about the Food Education working group and what's happening in Melissa Flint melissa@auroraedibledesigns.com or Paris paris@fieldsforward.ca

Soils Workshop & Field Training

Agrologist Bill Chapman came to Creston and the East Shore to look, feel, smell the soils of our region.

Introducing a historical perspective of soil creation, Bill Chapman explained that "Agriculture works with the disturbed phase of ecosystems", we are trying to create grasslands (integrated organic matter) from forest soils (surface organic matter). So best to work with the forces of soils - parent material, time, topography, climate and biota."Soils are amazingly filled with life. 10,000 species of bacteria exist in a spoonful of soil."

Producers of all size and experience came together April 22 & 23 to learn about Creston & District soils from Agrologist Bill Chapman who came all the way from Williams Lake to share two days of extensive knowledge and experience. Using local farms as case studies, the group travelled through the region learning about soil sampling, nutrient management, how to create strong soil systems that support nutrient rich crops.

Fields Forward goes HiTech!

This March Joel Comer made the trip from Creston to Vancouver with his family to take in the #BCTECH Summit. This two-day event showcased all the latest advances and new directions affecting the BC Technology Sector. Find out more about Joel's trip on the Creston Valley Food Hub site

Food & Artisan Market in Crawford Bay

Food, artisans, plants, face painting, music and fun. Come out for a great day!

Join the community for this special celebration day. For more information contact Nicole Schreiber - Coordinator of Food Roots: eastshorefood@gmail.com

Harvest Share Coordinator

Interested in helping to reclaim the 37,000 lbs of non-marketable fruit for those in need in our community?

The Creston Valley Food Action Coalition (CVFAC) is looking for a dynamic, creative and versatile person to join our team as the Harvest Share Coordinator. Tasks will include physical duties, office, and organizational responsibilities. An interest in agriculture, business, community development, and education is an asset. For the full job description, please visit the CVFAC website.

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